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About Us

The difference between us and every other seller is that we too are addicted to fashion hype and trends. We’ve been those people queuing in line for hours on end, waiting in front a bunch of computers with no frustrating results. No longer. This is more than just money, its a passion.


Our most important belief is that the love for fashion and looking good shouldn’t be just for the crazy rich. EVERYONE should have the right to enjoy these things. Afterall, life is hard enough as is. 

That is why we strive to keep prices as low as possible while constantly searching for beter deals to pass on more savings. 


That being said, we have certain standards for the products that we sell. We don’t want to sell something we personally won’t use. 

  1. We always put in the time to search for the very best possible version. To people unfamilar with the game; there are countless factories and each one of them might have the best in one product but not in another. ie its our job to make sure we sell the best version that we can find across all the possible options. We are unbias and choose items as if we are the buyers ourselves. 

  1. Exceptions: We personal look at versions and decide if the best version is worth the added money. What we consider is value. There are unimaginable amounts of versions and many are made just to trick customers into spending more money. For instance, if a certain difference is so insignificant that you have to thoroughly examine to find the difference, is that worth $50usd to you? Definitely not to me. But if its a significant flaw that can be spotted, i would even pay $100usd more. I'm sure most of you would agree to that.


Quality is so important to us that we personally take pictures of every single item that we sell and use those photos in our websites/instagram. Everything is done so you as a buyer can feel safe making a purchase since you know exactly what you all be getting. 


Thank you for your interest and for helping us grow our little business. As we grow we promise to have the same level of commitment and any savings we get in the future will always be passed down to you. Expect a high level of quality for what you pay. We will never rip you off; returning customers will always be our goal.